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In the world of Design, the Sandra Costa Design Group is at the top of the design industry with over thirty five years of experience. The team continues to receive design and architectural awards while providing state of the art design by focusing on new ways to deliver life style experiences.

The company office is based in Los Angeles, with design colleagues in Dubai, Asia, Portugal, New Zealand and Israel and is known for blending diverse elements, periods and cultures to create sophisticated classically modern environments.  The team works well within the framework of other established teams and understand the integrity of the architectural vision while contributing professional design and construction knowledge.
With an impressive client base the Sandra Costa Design Group, offers a new fresh appeal of excitement and originality within a masterfully composed setting. While paying careful attention to functionality, sustainability, scale, proportion and budget Sandra Costa ensures that all design projects are a priority.

Please direct your topic and inquires to :


Chinese : Melody Fu

Portuguese : Brazilian : Spanish : Italian : French :  Salete Cravo

Phillipino : Arabic : Malaysian : Spanish :Tagalog: Rey Carrasco

Arabic : Artin Monika Agarwal

Inquiries for Job Opportunities : Paul E'Lespance

Manufacturing : Daelen Cory

Real Estate Opportunities : Sandra Costa

Photography  : Angelo R.  Costa